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Études Épistémè and religious studies

The French journal Études Épistémè, dédicated to early-modern European culture, has recently published several issues on religious studies with contain articles on various forms of dissent:

1517, and all that: dating the beginning of the Reformation in Early Modern Britain and France, edited by Aude De Mézérac-Zanetti:

Dissenting Languages. Religious Performances and Disputes in Early Modern Europe, edited by Sophie Houdard, Adelisa Malena and Xenia von Tippelskirch:

MELANCHOLIA/Æ. The religious experience of the “disease of the soul” and its definitions, edited by Sophie Houdard, Adelisa Malena, Lisa Roscioni and Xenia von Tippelskirch:

In the autumn of 2019, it will publish The World of Seventeenth-Century English Dissenters: Philosophy, Theology and Worship, edited by Paula Barros, Anne Dunan-Page, and Laurence Lux-Sterritt, a selection of papers from the 8th Triennnial Conference of the International John Bunyan Society, with contributions by Laurent Curelly, Cyril Selzner, David Parry, N. H. Keeble, Bill Sheils and Elspeth Graham.


Original author: Anne Page
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